Distinctive Designs with Custom Tile Flooring

Tile and stone offers durability, easy maintenance, and incredible versatility in flooring design. With so many choices in size, texture, and color, your new tile flooring can blend seamlessly with any style of decor. Although any room of your home can benefit, this is an especially good choice for bathrooms, kitchens and hallways where a floor’s appearance can easily be compromised. What kind of tile is right for your home? Our tile installation experts would be pleased to help you discover just the right design!

Floor Tile MosaicCeramic tile is a mixture of clays and other natural materials. The special clays are mined from the earth, shaped, colored and than fired in kilns. Traditional ceramic tile can be naturally colored and left unglazed like terra cotta, or they can feature colored or highly designed surfaces which can be glazed (finished with a glass surface) either in a high gloss or matte finish. Most ceramic tile has either a white or red body coloration underneath the glazed, colored top layer.

Porcelain tile is a newer form of ceramic tile and extremly popular among homeowners. Porcelain tiles are composed of fine porcelain clays and fired at much higher temperatures than ceramic tiles. This process makes porcelain tile more dense, less porous, much harder and less prone to moisture and stain absorption than ceramic tiles. For these reasons, most porcelain tiles are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. Porcelain tiles are also harder to cut due to their density and hardness.

Natural Stone Tile: If you want to capture the essence of nature in your home, natural stone tile is an excellent choice. Granite, marble, limestone or slate – it just comes down to your visual and texture preferences.

Polished Pebble Stone Tile: Looking for a truly unique flair? Polished pebble flooring creates a captivating look and an interesting texture.

Add Flair with Tile or Natural Stone Veneer Walls

Enhancing your home with tile or stone need not be limited to flooring or shower walls! Stone walls combine a modern appeal with a rustic, natural feel that will enhance any room. Create an accent stone wall in your bedroom or living room or consider adding a stone fireplace surround.

And just as tile flooring is easy to maintain, so are tile walls. This makes it a great option for kitchens or bathrooms, where water and grease often leave spots or stains on painted walls. Use mosaic tile to add that pop of color and bit of attitude that can bring a room to life. Or dare to think outside of the box and choose a modern glass tile.

With so many choices in style, it’s crucial to consider the bigger picture when installing tile or stone. Northern Glass, Tile & Stone LLC can help you mix and match tile throughout your home or business for a cohesive flow and a quality installation that will stand the tests of time.

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